CEA Bulletin and Exempt Announcement Online Bulletin System

Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Positions – These jobs are open to all applicants who possess the knowledge, abilities, and any other requirements as described in the examination or job bulletin.  Eligibility to take a CEA examination does not require that you be a current state employee. CEA exam or job bulletins are posted online for a minimum of ten working days.  Departments are required to conduct a competitive application process as described in California Code of Regulations section 548.40.  The process may include, but are not limited to, an assessment of the candidates' education and experience, a written or oral exam, a review of applications, use of supplemental applications, and appraisals of performance.

Please visit the CalHR website for additional information on CEAs.

Reference Source:  California Code of Regulations, Title 2, section548.40, Government Code sections 18546 and 19889.3

Exempt Positions - Exempt positions are exempt from civil service laws and rules, therefore, individuals are not required to go through the normal application process prior to appointment.  Interested candidates must meet the job requirements stated in the position announcement.  The exempt position announcement provides detailed information about the position and the requirements for applying.  This information is provided under the Special Requirements, Application Instructions, and Additional Information section of the position announcement. Completed applications and required documents must be received or postmarked by the Final Filing Date in order to be considered. While many departments choose to advertise their vacant Exempt positions on the CalHR web site, they are not required to do so, therefore, the listing of vacant Exempt positions on the jobs.ca.gov site may not be comprehensive.

Please visit the CalHR website for additional information on Exempt positions.

Reference Source:  Article VII, section 4 of the California Constitution