3 Steps To A State Job

Step 1. Search

There are two ways to search for a job.

  1. If you are new to working for the state, click the “Get a State Job” icon, where you can browse career fields and see the jobs available. Or you can search by keyword, job title, or state department. Use the advanced search to filter by location, work schedule, and salary.
  2. If you currently work for the state, click the “State Employees” icon, to begin your search.

Veterans, persons with disabilities, and retired state employees, should click on the appropriate icon to learn about special programs for those groups before choosing one of the two search options above.

Step 2. Assessment

Once you find the job you want, we need to learn more about you. We will evaluate your education, experience, abilities, and knowledge through an assessment. The assessment process can take many forms, including an interview or exam, depending on the job.

Read the job’s bulletin to see the qualifications needed. It will also explain what the job is like, notes the salary range, and gives you an overview of the assessment process.

If you are interested and qualified, begin the assessment. If you pass, then you are eligible to start applying!

Step 3. Apply

You only need to fill out one job application, and you can use the same form to apply for multiple positions. Or you can create two or three applications, tailoring them to different jobs. You can also upload other attachments, if needed, such as resumes and writing samples.

If we like what we see and we have a vacancy, we will call you in for an interview.

Ready to start?

Sign up now to create your personalized account. Your account will help you manage the entire process from start to finish. From your account you can begin the assessment process, and sometimes receive instant results. You can create and manage your applications, and can submit them to departments when you are ready to apply for a job. You can also set up alerts to notify you when new jobs are posted. Click the “Login” icon above to get started.

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