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Candidates seeking to transfer shall meet all transfer requirements as defined by Government Codes and California Code of Regulations, title 2, sections (SPB) 250, 277, 425, and 430-435. Classes being considered for transfer shall involve substantially the same level of duties, responsibilities, and salary. Please consult with the respective department’s personnel office for additional information regarding the transfer.

The pay scales used by this search engine are the latest available from the State Controller's Office, but may not reflect all recently granted pay raises. It is recommended that you verify salary levels with the human resources office at the department which you are applying

Calculate by Salary Level

What is the maximum monthly salary level for the class in which you last received an appointment from a list (include your alternate range, if you are in a "deep class")?

Calculate by Class Code

If you do not know the maximum monthly salary level for the class in which you last received an appointment from a list, and alternate range, you can look it up if you know the Class Code.

If you do not know the class code use the Job Specifications and Pay to look it up. Enter any part of your Class Title, and the class code is the four digits just to the left of the Class Title on the resulting list.

General Information on Transfers

Under State Personnel Board Rules 250 and 430-433, you may transfer from one job class to another without examination if you meet the minimum qualifications of the class to which you wish to transfer, the levels of duties, responsibility, and salary of the two classes are substantially the same and the two classes are not in the same series. The transfer must not constitute a promotion, and the State may establish policies to limit transfer to certain classes.

Salaries: "Substantially the same salary" means that the maximum salary of the highest paying class you were permanently appointed to from an eligible list and the maximum salary of the other class are no further apart than two salary steps minus $1. To determine the maximum salary of a class to which you may transfer:

  1. Multiply the top step of your current class by 1.05;
  2. Round off to a whole number;
  3. Multiply that number by 1.05;
  4. Round off to a whole number;
  5. Subtract $1.

Be sure you are comparing the top salary rate for your class (and alternate range, if you are in a "deep class"), not your own salary.

Duties and Responsibilities: The hiring department makes the final decision about what is "substantially the same".

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Positions at the California Supreme Court and California Appellate Courts, the California Legislature, the University of California, and the California State Universities are not part of California civil service. Therefore, the transfer California Code of Regulations would not apply.